Telegramme is our monthly wordsplosion of insights and tips. We focus on challenges faced by clients in publishing and the arts. We’ll also share what we’re currently reading, a pithy quote or two, our latest project, and the odd surprise generated by our very own Infinite Improbability Drive (we miss you something fierce, Douglas Adams).

Recent infobricks

Circling the campfire

Matt Steel

After four and a half amazing years, I’m closing Metagramme. No, that’s not a typo. Along with three partners from two other companies, I’ve started a new company called Grain...

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Matt Steel

it seemed impossibly far north.
Another country, language.
Snow on the ground since Thanksgiving, more
than we’d ever seen before.

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Matt Steel

I love the idea of reading books on my tablet. But in general, the experience is poor. It’s a great solution for travel, reduces clutter, and helps readers save their dead-tree...


Matt Steel

I love the curl
that only appears
on your temple
after washing.

I know the way
your toe-bones crack,
when to dig
for the right...